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Our pioneering approach to LIVE videos has seen us enhance digital comment and engagement increases of over 100x that of typical content. Powerfully deployed for maximum impact, to promote key campaigns, or as drivers of e-commerce.

Go Live With Your Audience


Orbital was recognised for developing an innovative social media campaign for Sudocrem; pioneering the use of Facebook LIVE within the OTC consumer healthcare industry and making Sudocrem the first licensed medicine to use live video for a promotional purpose. Hitting the LIVE trend early allowed Sudocrem to monopolise on the new technology, with some videos hitting 20,000.


Engagements in just 1 hour of broadcasting.

The team also secured an award at the OTC Marketing Awards. The OTC Awards celebrate the best of the British OTC consumer healthcare industry, with award nominations selected by more than 60 judges, so this was a big achievement in what was previously unchartered waters. Aside from the award, Orbital was proud of its contribution to the industry and development of marketing possibilities for medically licenced products. The campaign also led Orbital to provide the PAGB with advice and parameters on how to assess and audit Facebook LIVE activity and has set the benchmark for all future industry activity of this type.

    • Videography
    • Illustration

    2016 - 2022