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Our bespoke and completely unique gamification experiences are designed around your brand’s requirements. Typical gameplay of 210 seconds, an average digital reach of over 15,000,000 users and proven sales uplifts of 10% are just some of the reasons Orbital Games are so impactful.

Make advertising interactive

For many years now, Orbital has been the UK’s leading supplier of digital gamification technology. That is, we develop and deploy digital games to convey and promote important information.

Our applications have seen unparalleled results when compared to traditional digital marketing, reaching millions of users, whilst securing dwell time that significantly exceeds every other media channel.


The Successes & Features

Key to the success of Orbital Media’s gamification is its unique reward trigger system, which permits users to unlock a series of additional game entries or prize draw entries, in return for performing simple tasks. Users first have to login into the gamification environment (Triple login – Facebook, Google Mail or Email login), which will then open out the following options:

  • Peer-to-Peer sharing - We can share via a Facebook post to their wall, WhatsApp, Twitter.
  • Channel growth – Follow Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.
  • Website visit reward – Users are rewarded for clicking through to a specific web page, for example.
  • Content/video watch trigger – Utilising a pop-up window, users can choose to watch video content in-app for additional entries.
  • Unique shareable link – Users can download a unique link, which when shared with others and they participate, the original user will receive extra entries/gameplays.

Gamification with real impact

  • Proven ROI of up to 20x through discount code integration.
  • Superb for email lead generation and database growth.
  • Direct E-commerce integration proven to help drive sales uplifts of 10%.
  • Typically grows social media channels by 15%+ using our unique play reward system
  • Generate a potential 15,000,000 reach to key audiences
  • Enhanced engagement allows users to be educated about a product without interruption, unlike momentary social media ads
  • Dwell times of up to 215 seconds per gameplay
  • Gamification improves knowledge retention and absorption for all age groups



One of the biggest challenges for brands trying to navigate social media success is putting a value on campaigns, reach and engagement. With Orbital Games, we will plug this gap and give brands confidence that their investment yields optimal returns that can actually be measured. 


Therefore, the chief aim is to position Orbital Games as a marketing tool with tangible results (moving away from wooly social media campaigns), with a proven track record for improved ROI versus more common social media promotions and with the direct potential to deliver sales (through coupons).


Sudocrem asked Orbital to develop a digital campaign that aligned with one of the brand’s biggest TV campaigns in its history. 


Adopting the advert’s iconic pandas, we were able to create a groundbreaking Bamboo Break digital game. 


This provided a relaxing and soothing interlude from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, that helped convey Sudocrem’s core “soothing” message. 


The app utilised a fully-animated 2D panda character, which guided users through a range of slow breathing techniques. Further functionality required users to complete a series of drawing challenges.


The campaign perfectly integrated with TV, digital ads, social ads and PR, winning numerous industry awards.

  • The campaign had over 164,449 engagements on social media (likes, comments, tags, shares) and 227,056 game plays
  • The campaign reached in excess of 8,500,000 parents in the UK throughout its duration
  • Over 688,000 minutes (415 days) of gameplay were accrued during the competition
  • Return on investment was approximately 26 x the cost of the campaign

Uni-ball Recycling Counts

With the brief of making a big splash and creating a game which directly showcases the benefits of plastic free packaging on the environment, our team was ready for the task! 


Orbital created a completely unique, exciting and fun game centred around the concept of sorting non-recyclable items from the brand-new plastic free packaging. Users simply had to sort the packaging into the recycling bin to earn points and beat the timer! Users who took part had the chance of winning prizes, discounts and more.

  • Total plays of over 450,000
  • Average user play time of 3 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Total accrued game time of 24,000+ hours

Joules Pass the Parcel Game


As Orbital is the UK’s leading supplier of gamification apps, Joules commissioned us to deploy our hugely successful Pass the Parcel app. 


We were able to integrate Joules branding throughout the app, 50,000 discount vouchers and over 2,000 Joules product prizes.


Deployed and supported over the two months leading up to Christmas, we were able to achieve staggering results: 


All 52,000 items were successfully distributed during the campaign. 500,000 users interacted with the app and a significant spike in pre Christmas sales was achieved.