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Digital storytelling has the power to change your brand. Our social media content creation team has over 15 years of experience in creating effective and impactful strategies driven by social content.

Leveraging Different Social Platforms

Orbital have spent over 15 years launching and building consumer healthcare brands via digital, with much of this activity being spearheaded across social platforms. 


The opportunity to grow and harness loyal digital communities on each platform, create funnels, then drive sales, or extrapolate research is essential to a successful digital strategy.

Sudocrem Facebook LIVEs – An Industry First

The award winning Sudocrem Facebook LIVE campaign contained a variety of pioneering features that engaged users, developed reach and encouraged viral dispersal. These features included:

  • The first time Facebook LIVE has been deployed within the OTC Industry as a long running campaign – 1 Facebook LIVE was produced each month of 2018.
  • Orbital provided the PAGB with advice and parameters on how to assess and audit Facebook LIVE activity. This has set the benchmark for all future industry activity of this type.
  • Development of campaign activity / mechanics which suited this brand-new social media functionality and optimised engagement / organic reach potential.

Driving RWE With Social Media: Sudocrem (Teva)

90-year-old Superbrand, Sudocrem, wanted to reaffirm its position in the market as the No.1 nappy rash brand, but without the cost and time restraints of engaging a new RCT.

  • 10x New marketing claims in just 6 months
  • Enhanced value driven price point that contributed to an impressive sales surge of 16%
  • Leveraged the extensive targeting capabilities of Facebook and Instagram to drive users to the study
  • 10% Of the costs of an RCT

Social Media First, Product Launch: MOP'R 2022

In 2022, POSCA, the UKs leading paint marker, launched its first new paint format in years – the MOP’R. A paint pen for big lines, chunky art and limitless creativity, the MOP’R launch presented itself as an extensive social media opportunity and the ideal excuse to mobilise the diverse street art community, inspiring them with a range of TikToks, Reels, How-To-Guides, Instagram posts and pop-up competitions.

  • Video views increased by over 150% during the launch
  • Over 2.1 billion views to date
  • 464,976 Impressions In just one week alone
  • Engagement rates soared to over 10%
  • Click-through rate of 2.95%
  • Over 5,200 clicks driven to the point of purchase
  • Just £600 ad spend

Influencer Ambassador Programme

Owned by the Mitsubishi Pencil Company, POSCA is the UK’s leading paint marker brand, and allows you to customise and personalise almost any surface. With a huge world-wide following of creative fans and followers, POSCA is a powerhouse in the street art world. 


In 2022, Orbital saw the opportunity to take this up a level, especially in the micro-video sphere, i.e. TikTok and Reels. The challenge was how to create meaningful content featuring POSCA whilst showcasing real artists using the products in a range of exciting and dynamic ways.


The Outcomes of the POSCA Influencer Ambassador Programme


  • Unique customisations created by real artists with an authentic look and feel
  • Over 80 pieces of unique, one-off, never before seen content, shareable exclusively by the brand
  • Consumer friendly, bite-size video content perfect for modern social channels
  • Ambassador videos alone have received over 100,000 views (per video) and counting… and there’s more to come!
  • Estimated increase in TikTok competitor conversation share of 10% since the scheme has launched
  • Over 200 artists have applied to be next year’s TikTok ambassadors