CITB Interactive Career Experiences


  • UX/UI
  • Video production
  • App creation
  • Software development
  • DevOps


Orbital has developed a platform that enables interactive video for immersive career simulation experiences. Available in both 2D for web browsing and 360 for VR environments, individuals keen on exploring trade careers now have the opportunity to do so conveniently from their own armchairs.


Key Features

  • Content shot in both 360 (for VR) and 2D (for web).
  • Scoop captures real-worldscenarios that are far more believable than CGI.
  • Scoop VR uses cost-efficient filming techniques that require minimal editing.
  • Scoop is designed to put the control in the hands of the user, by telling a story encouraging decisions to be made on the way, be they good, bad or ugly!
  • Ideal for training, simulation and therapy.