Sudocrem is arguably one of the most recognised and loved skincare brands on the market. Orbital have been managing this Superbrand’s digital presence for over 10 years, helping to grow it’s place as a market leader in multiple international markets.


From being one of the first licensed medicines to adopt social media, to developing scalable campaigns that easily transfer across multiple international territories, our approach to this iconic brand has been to dominate through innovation and creativity.

A key foundation of this success was the development of many new product claims via our pioneering Digital Real World Evidence research methodology. This saved vast sums of money in randomised clinical trials and redefined the product’s marketing capabilities. Market dominance and new product launches have since been made possible. More information on Digital Real World Evidence can be found at Orbital Research.

Our digital campaigns, platforms, gamification, animations, graphic design, 3D models, pharmacovigilance, groundbreaking AI and strategic understanding, continue to propel Sudocrem towards world leading brand status.