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MySpira launches – the world’s first AR asthma training app

We’re excited to announce the recent launch of MySpira: a revolutionary augmented reality (AR) app, that teaches children how to correctly use their inhaler and, potentially, saves lives.

Developed by us here at Orbital Media, in collaboration with the University of Suffolk and supported by a team of healthcare experts – including Dr. Simon Rudland and asthma nurse Karyn McBride – MySpira is another world first! It’s also the first of its kind to utilise the new augmented reality function released by Google (AR Core) and Apple (AR Kit).
The necessity of the app was made clear through various studies, that showed 93% of asthma sufferers were using their inhalers incorrectly. The National Review of Asthma Deaths in 2014 concluded that two-thirds of asthma deaths would be preventable by better management – which is exactly where MySpira comes in.
We introduce likeable characters and tactile interactions through any mobile device, which engages children suffering with asthma. It’s an enjoyable and informative 20 minute experience, in which a child is taught about asthma keywords, triggers, different inhalers, inhaler preparation, and how to inhale medicine correctly. With this correct training, it’s estimated that the £1.1 billion spent annually by the NHS on asthma could be considerably reduced.
In fact, a recently conducted study using the app on 96 children aged 6-13 showed that MySpira considerably improved information recall over traditional education methods, like leaflets or videos. The app demonstrated an overall score that was 26% better than videos, and a notable 70% better than leaflets. Not only does it educate on correct inhaler use, but MySpira helps children to keep that information stored for when they’ll need it.
Visit the App Store or Google Play, where MySpira is available to download at 99p!